About the Flex Zones

In 2015, the school district implemented a plan for flexible attendance zones, or “flex zones” to help balance elementary class sizes across the five elementary schools. These are areas in which newly entering students may be assigned to one of two or more potential schools based on enrollment. The district is phasing in the flex zones with each entering kindergarten class. The idea is that if a cohort of students starts off in a balanced manner, with reasonable class sizes, across the five schools, it has the best possible chance to stay that way as it advances through grade 5.

Do I live in a flex zone?

Flex Zone Highlights

  • There are six flex zones, which together include parts of each elementary enrollment zone.
  • Families of students in flex zones have the opportunity to state school preference at the time of registration.
  • Students entering kindergarten will attend the same school as older siblings.
  • The district plans to make school assignments for incoming kindergarten students who live in flex zones on the third Friday in July.
  • Students who live in flex zones and their families have the opportunity to attend preschool programs and orientation sessions in each school they may potentially be assigned to.
  • Once a student is assigned to a school for kindergarten, they will remain there for the rest of their elementary years.

Frequently asked questions flex zones

What are the benefits of the flex zones?

The flex zones are designed to result in balanced class sizes across the district’s five elementary schools that are as favorable as possible. They are being phased in with incoming kindergarten classes, beginning with the cohort that entered this past September (2015). As a result, all of the kindergarten class sections in the district are between 17 and 21 students. A committee of parents, elementary principals, and district staff developed the flex zone plan.

Can families of students who live in flex zones indicate the school they would prefer to attend?

Yes, when students register for kindergarten, the families of those who live in flex zones will have the opportunity to indicate a school preference. The district will accommodate as many preferences as possible, while still working toward the overall goal of balanced class sizes within the district’s target. In the current year, 83 percent of preferences were granted.

When do kindergarten students who live in flex zones receive their school assignments?

The district plans to make school assignments for flex zone students entering kindergarten on the third Friday in July. Due to the changing nature of kindergarten enrollment through the spring and summer, this timing is needed to help balance class sizes across the district.

Will students attend the same school as older siblings?

Yes, when students with older siblings enter kindergarten, they will attend the same school as their siblings.

Where do students who live in flex zones go for kindergarten screening?

Students who live in flex zones will be given a kindergarten screening appointment at one of the district’s elementary schools during the screening period. Once student assignments are complete, screening information will be shared with your child’s school.

Once students who live in a flex zone are assigned to a school, will they remain in that school?

Yes. The district wants continuity and stability for families. Once students are assigned to an elementary school for kindergarten it is expected that they will remain in the school for their elementary years, and that younger siblings will attend the same school. We want all families to feel a part of their school community.