Phase I of capital improvements finishing under budget

Capital Project Update

An initial $5.6 million phase of facilities improvements approved by voters in December 2016 focused on some immediate health and safety issues, timed with the district retiring some debt. The work was done mostly over the last two summers and, as it nears final completion, it is expected to come in under budget, Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra, Jr. told the Board of Education in November.

The projects were based on the 2015 Building Condition Survey (which identified more than $30 million in facilities needs in the coming years). The work that was done over the past two summers included roofing replacements at Birchwood, Craig and Van Antwerp, electrical panel replacements at most buildings, kitchen hood fire suppression systems at two schools, hot water heater replacements at three, some masonry repairs, and high school pool filter room renovations.

Dr. Tangorra said it was estimated that the projects would be about $300,000 to $400,000 below budget in total. Given the amount of work identified by the Building Condition Survey, he said that he will recommend using the amount that remains for more health and safety projects, consistent with what voters approved in 2016.

He expects to provide the Board with recommended projects early in 2019, and the community will be updated as the information is shared and decisions are made.