Feb. 9 Capital Project: What is Being Proposed?

Proposition #1

  • $62.24 Million
  • No Tax Rate Increase

If Proposition #1 is approved, what will you see?

Iroquois Middle School

  • New Classroom Addition of 18 Classrooms & Support Space (25,000 square feet)
  • Renovation Improvements – 98,000 square feet of classroom and support space
  • New campus roadway, parking lots, bus loop, parent drop‐off, and site utility upgrades

Van Antwerp Middle School

  • Renovation improvements – 106,000 square feet of classroom and support space, including conversation of District Office into student space
  • New bus loop and parent drop-off

Elementary School Facilities – K-4

Urgent & Critical Health/Safety/Infrastructure Improvements – Part 1:

  • Boiler Replacements at Birchwood & Craig
  • Heating and ventilation upgrades at Hillside & Rosendale
  • Roof Replacements at Glencliff & Rosendale
  • Transportation Building: Roof Restoration/Replacement

Niskayuna High School

  • Urgent & Critical Building Conditions Deficiency Improvements – Part 1
  • ƒ New trackƒ
  • Enlarged field inside the track for multiple sports (e.g., soccer, field hockey and lacrosse).

Proposition #2

  • $16.78 Million
  • Tax Rate Impact for Two Years Only (Two year, $28 per $100,000 of assessed value or $7 per month for a house assessed at $300,000)

If Proposition #2 is approved, what will you see?

Van Antwerp Middle School

  • Additional renovation of classroom and support space
  • Reconstruct Staff Parking Lot North (46 Spaces)

Iroquois MS

  • Additional renovation of classroom and support space
  • Kickball and grass playfield

Rosendale Elementary School

  • Bus loop, upper and lower staff parking lot, and parent drop-off reconstruction
  • High School Site Improvements

High School

Athletics Master Plan

  • ƒ Additional parking and roadway for improved traffic flow
  • New stadium entry, a safety and supervision improvement
  • Bus pull-off
  • Bleachers, lighting, and sound system improvements
  • Potential for all-weather turf on stadium field
  • New baseball and softball facilities
  • Potential multipurpose field between baseball and softball with all-weather turf possible
  • Potential all-weather synthetic turf field along Balltown Road