Capital Project – Community & Staff Input

As the school district plans for a December 2020 capital project vote, it  is committed to engaging all faculty and community members in the process and gathering as much input as possible. The information below represents these efforts, which are ongoing, and include links to reports and results of community input.

Capital Project Community Advisory Committee

An approximately 40-member Capital Project Community Advisory Committee, representing stakeholder groups across the district is charged with helping to shape facilities recommendations for the capital project proposal. During the 2018-19 school year, the committee worked closely with a consultant conducting the school configuration study and during the 2019-20 school year, the committee will be engaged in the next steps of the planning process. More information about the committee

Faculty and Staff Forums & Survey – September 2019

Capital Project & School Configuration Options

In September 2019, two forums for faculty and staff members were held to gather input about school configuration options, the future of academic programs and facilities needs. The format of the forums and the survey reflected the Summer 2019 community forums. The need to improve middle-level education emerged as a key theme from the survey and conversations.

Community Thoughtexchange – Summer 2019

School Configuration Options

Along with holding community forums, the district conducted a Thoughtexchange about school configuration options during the summer of 2019. The exchange include a total of 405 participants. The top themes were: Keep Current Configuration; Need More More Details – Program & Cost; and Neighborhood Schools.

Community Forums – Summer 2019

Capital Project & School Configuration

The district held three community forums during the summer of 2019. A total of approximately 120 people participated in the forums. Discussion focused the school configuration options, the future of academic programs and facilities needs. Through an activity at the forum, participants showed the most support for the scenario that included a grade 5-6 school and a grade 7-8 school and keeping the current configuration.

Faculty & Staff Thoughtexchange – June 26, 2019

School Configuration Options

On June 26, Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra, Jr. presented the program vision, school configuration options identified in an outside study, and details about the planning process to all faculty and staff members. Following the presentation, a Thoughtexchange was conducted with a total of 395 participants. Top themes were: Engagement & Planning, Involve Employees and Ready for Change.

Community Thoughtexchange – May/June 2019

Future of Academic Programs & Facilities

In late May and early June 2019, the district conducted a Thoughtexchange around the question, “What are some of the most important things for us to keep in mind as we plan together for the future of our facilities and academic programs?” The exchange included a total of  780 participants. Top themes were: Learning: Skills, Experiences, Support & Spaces; Small Class Sizes; and
Partnership with Teachers & Staff Members.