Board of Education Policy 8410: Student Transportation

The Board of Education affirms its responsibility to provide a reasonably safe, fast, efficient and economical system for transporting eligible school children to and from school and school activities that are an integral part of the education program. Transportation shall be provided at district expense to those students who are eligible as authorized by the Board of Education.

The major objectives in the management of the student transportation program shall include the following:

  1. to provide efficient, effective and safe service;
  2. to ensure that all students whose disability or distances from school requires them to receive necessary transportation do in fact receive it;
  3. to adapt the system to the demands of the instructional program;
  4. to maintain transportation vehicles in good physical condition;
  5. to review at least once a year school bus schedules and routing plans to ensure that maximum efficiency is maintained; and
  6. to review at least once a year the eligibility for transportation of students residing in the district, to ensure that all requests are properly processed.

The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for administering the transportation program which will adequately meet the needs and desires of district residents for school related transportation service. The student transportation program shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and policies established by federal, state and local authorities. Parents shall be provided with information needed to understand the students’ and school system’s expectations, responsibilities and rights.

Transportation for Students with Disabilities

The district will provide appropriate transportation for students under 21 years of age whose programs have been prescribed by the District Committee on Special Education. Drivers of vehicles transporting these students will be informed of the special precautions pertinent to each case. The Director of Transportation will receive such information from the District Committee on Special Education. Transportation will not be provided until all proper forms have been transmitted to the Director of Transportation.

Students who are temporarily incapacitated shall be transported to school when appropriate equipment and space are available.

The district will provide transportation to and from when the student’s program calls for classes at both Niskayuna High School and a BOCES location.

Cross-ref: 5320, Student Conduct on School Buses
Ref: Education Law Sections 305(14), 1807; 3602(7);3635 et seq.

Adopted February 26, 1996