Board of Education Policy 8115: Pesticides and Pest Management

The Board of Education is concerned about the potential health and safety risks posed by the indiscriminate use of pesticides in and around schools and school children.

To this end, the Board adopts the Integrated Pest Management System (IPM) as a method of eliminating or significantly reducing the use of pesticides. IPM relies on the least toxic and most natural methods to control pests.

The Superintendent of Schools shall ensure the implementation of the Integrated Pest Management Program and shall disseminate this policy and conduct any training necessary to ensure that all staff are fully informed about the techniques of IPM.

Since there may be instances in which the use of pesticides cannot be avoided, the district, pursuant to Department of Environmental Conservation regulations, will maintain a copy of the label of each pesticide used in or outside the school at the school where it is being used and this information will be available to anyone who requests it.

Information on pesticides shall also be incorporated into the district’s Hazard Communication Standard program and the Superintendent shall ensure that any potential pesticide-related emergencies and the methods for handling such emergencies are included in the district’s emergency management plan.

Adopted: February 26, 1996