Board of Education Policy 8110: Buildings and Grounds Inspection and Maintenance

The Superintendent of Schools or designee will conduct regular inspections of all school buildings and grounds for the purpose of finding and correcting any conditions that constitute a hazard to health and safety.

Building Principals are responsible for ensuring that the district’s buildings are maintained in a safe and clean manner. They shall periodically inspect school premises and note any areas in need of maintenance or repair.

Principals shall contact the custodial staff, the Supervisor of Building and Grounds, or the Assistant Superintendent of Business as appropriate to address these matters.

Structural Inspections

Each school year, a team composed of the Supervisor of Building and Grounds, the building custodian, a code enforcement official and other appropriate persons shall conduct a visual structural inspection of all school buildings occupied by students.

If this inspection discloses evidence of a possible defective structural condition, the Board shall retain a licensed architect or engineer to inspect the condition and determine if structural modifications are necessary. The Board shall then take appropriate action to correct any deficiencies.

Reports of these inspections will be available to the upon request.

Fire Inspections

The Board directs the Superintendent to ensure that all school buildings undergo an annual inspection for potential fire hazards. The inspection must be conducted be a qualified fire inspector. Any violation of the State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code shall be corrected immediately or within a time frame approved by the Commissioner of Education.

Public notice that copies of the fire inspection reports are available in the district office shall be given within 20 days of their submission to the Board.

Adopted: February 26, 1996