Board of Education Policy 5470: Missing Children

The Board of Education finds the abduction of children a heinous offense. Therefore, the schools of the district shall make every effort to identify possible missing children and notify and assist the proper agencies and authorities. A missing child is defined as a person under 18 missing whose whereabouts cannot be determined by a person responsible for the child’s care or any child known to have been taken, enticed, or concealed from the custody of the lawful guardian by a person who has no legal right to do so.

In accordance with the law, a Building Principal or other designated employee who has reasonable cause to believe that a student may be a possible missing child shall immediately report and make inquiry of the Statewide Central Register for Missing Children. This would include reporting any child for whom proof of age was unavailable upon admission to school. If it is indicated that such child may be a possible missing child, the Principal shall immediately notify local law enforcement.

The Superintendent of Schools shall, upon request, cooperate with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Service to determine whether any child who has been identified as missing is currently enrolled in one or more of the district’s schools. If so, the student’s records shall be prominently flagged and identified so that personnel can readily ascertain that it is the record of a missing child. District personnel shall promptly report to the State Division of Criminal Justice Services and local law enforcement any request containing such flagged records.

The Superintendent shall establish procedures for implementing this policy.

Cross-ref: 5500, Student Records

Ref: Education Law §§3212; 3222
Executive Law §837-e

Note: Policy added

Adopted: February 26, 1996