Board of Education Policy 5311.4: Care of School Property by Students

The Board of Education requires all students to respect and care for school property. Any damage to property should be reported to the main office or an appropriate teacher.

Acts of vandalism are crimes against the school district. Students who willfully destroy, damage, or deface school property shall be subject to disciplinary action, including prosecution to the fullest extent possible under the law. Students who damage school property, or their parent or guardian, shall reimburse the district for the value of the damaged prope1ty up to the limit of the law.

The Superintendent of Schools shall review the School Codes of Conduct and Discipline and shall issue such additional regulations are as deemed necessary to deal with acts of vandalism.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to furnish law enforcement personnel with appropriate information to enable them to fully prosecute those responsible for acts of trespass, vandalism, other crimes against the school district.

Cross-ref: 1520, Public Conduct on School Property
5312, Prohibited Conduct

Ref: Education Law §§1604(35); 1709(36)

Adopted: February 26, 1996