Board of Education Policy 5230: Student Social Events

The Board of Education recognizes that the educational process encompasses social development as well as academic instruction and encourages such social functions as parties, dances, etc., provided that they are adequately supervised and subject to the district’s rules and regulations. Parental involvement is encouraged.

The Board requires that social events be closed to students outside the district except by special invitation. Under these circumstances, students with invited guests may be required to inform the administration of their intention to invite an outsider in advance.

The Building Principal shall ensure that supervisors and chaperones are to be present and familiar with the rules and regulations for public conduct on school property and the rules for student behavior at student social events. Students shall be required to wear clothing and accessories which are appropriate for a public school setting.

The aforementioned regulations of this policy apply to school sponsored events or events sponsored by school related groups.

Adopted: February 26, 1996