Board of Education Policy 5155: Student Withdrawal from School

Students above the compulsory attendance age may withdraw from school. A student who wants to withdraw from school must bring a letter from his/her parent or guardian stating the reason for the withdrawal. Students wishing to withdraw during the school year in which they become 16 years of age must complete the school year before withdrawing.

Before a student may be dropped from enrollment, the student must have been absent for twenty (20) consecutive school days and statutory procedures must be followed. It is the responsibility of the Building Principal to ensure that the procedures set forth below are followed:

1. The Principal shall notify the student and parent or guardian in writing that they have the opportunity to contact the school to schedule a conference with the Principal and guidance counselor within five school days.

2. At such conference, the reasons for the student’s absence and whether reasonable changes in the student’s educational program would encourage and facilitate re-entry or continuance of study should be discussed.

3. The student and parent or guardian shall be informed of the student’s right to re-enroll at any time in the school, if qualified under law.

4. If the student or parent or guardian fails to respond within the five school days as noted in 1. above, the student shall be dropped from the rolls, provided that the student and the parent or guardian has been notified that the student may re-enter at any time if qualified under the law.

Cross-ref: 5150, School Admissions

Ref: Education Law §3202(1-a)

Adopted: February 26, 1996