Board of Education Policy 4351a: International Exchange Programs

The Board of Education believes that foreign student exchange programs provide valuable educational experiences for students. Under these programs Niskayuna students live with families and/or attend schools in other countries and students from the host school or country are offered comparable opportunities in Niskayuna.

Such exchange programs will be permitted when approved by the high school principal, the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, and the Board of Education. Board approval is required prior to any presentations to students or parents. In order to participate in district approved foreign exchange programs, students must either have completed the ninth grade or upon application be granted special dispensation by the high school principal.

The expected code of conduct for exchange students shall be carefully defined and reviewed in advance of the trip itself. Program requests shall be submitted in accordance with guidelines developed by the Superintendent. Such requests shall include provision for adequate insurance and parental assurances that they will provide prompt transportation home in the event that their child does not follow the instruction of the chaperones or requires an early return home for other reasons.

Out-of-country visits should be conducted during school vacation periods. However, students may be granted extended leaves that are comparable to those enjoyed by visiting exchange students. There must be no conflict between missed school days and Regents examinations. The cost of such trips is the responsibility of the participating students.


One official chaperone per seven students is required. Such chaperones must be either (1) current or previous employees of the district or their accompanying spouses or (2) persons expressly approved by the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction.


Participants in the district’s foreign exchange program shall be limited to Niskayuna students and official chaperones and – with Board approval – students from other school districts. At least one chaperone shall be provided by each participating school district.


Participants in district sponsored foreign exchange programs must participate in the district’s insurance program. The fee and coverage shall be described in the exchange program materials. Students may acquire additional personal coverage from other sources but such coverage is not a substitute for the required district insurance.

Revised 1/6/03