Board of Education Policy 4321.1: Allocation of Space for Special Education Programs and Services

In order to ensure that sufficient space is available for in-district programs for students with disabilities, the Superintendent of Schools shall at least annually review projections for in-district programs for students with disabilities with the Administrator for Student Support Services and with building principals.

In order to ensure that appropriate space is available for resident students who attend special education programs provided by the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), the superintendent shall:

1. Confer with the BOCES district superintendent or other designated BOCES official responsible for special education to develop solutions to space allocations problems; and

2. At a minimum, provide space to house BOCES special education programs equivalent in enrollment to the number of students the district itself enrolls in BOCES special education programs.

Adopted Feb. 26, 1996; amended Apr. 7, 2008


8 NYCRR § 200.2(c)(iv),(v)