Board of Education Policy 4200: Curriculum Development

The Board of Education supports a collaborative approach to district curriculum development.

The Superintendent of Schools shall work with other administrators and staff to provide a well-integrated curriculum that provides suitable educational opportunities for all students. Teachers and program coordinators are expected to use state syllabi and general curricular guidelines; however, the Board encourages the instructional staff to supplement the state mandates with individualized, flexible curriculum guides and original instructional materials.

Parents and members of the community are also encouraged to provide feedback on district curricula and instruction.

The Superintendent is directed to implement a continuing curriculum development and review process and to make annual presentations to the Board about the portions of curriculum under review. The Superintendent is expected to consult with the Building Principals, teachers, students and, periodically, to invite community input about the district’s educational program.

Ref: Educational Law §§1709(3); 1711(5)

Adopted: February 26, 1996