Independent Educational Evaluations Regulation

Requests for Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)

  1. Parents or guardians should file a written request for an Independent Educational Evaluation with the Pupil Services Director, following receipt of the CSE or CPSE evaluation.
  2. Upon receiving such a request, the District will forward a letter of acknowledgment to the parent and/or independent evaluator within ten (10) calendar days. Any further information needed by the District to reach a decision regarding reimbursement will be requested in the letter.
  3. After determining whether to approve or deny reimbursement, the District shall notify the parent by letter. If reimbursement is denied, the reasons therefore shall be indicated in the letter.
  4. In cases where reimbursement is denied, the parent or the District have the right to initiate an impartial hearing to determine the appropriateness of an independent evaluation.

Selection of Qualified Professionals

  1. Independent evaluations shall be conducted by individuals who possess a current license and/or current certification in the area of evaluation from the New York State Education Department.
  2. The District will not consider for payment at public expense independent evaluators outside the Capital Region; within a fifty (50) mile radius. A parent may select any independent evaluator who, at the time the parent submits a request for an independent evaluation, provides that such professional is a certified and/or licensed evaluator. Requests for exceptions to these geographic limitations should be forwarded in writing to the District’s Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services.
  3. Parents may also select a qualified professional of any other public school district or BOCES in New York State. Such licensed or certified individuals will be paid at the hourly rate currently assigned to him/her by his/her respective public school district or BOCES.

When a request for an independent evaluation is approved by the school and a qualified professional is selected by the parent/guardian, such independent evaluator shall then be responsible for contacting the District’s Assistant Superintendent, or their designee to arrange for payment, dates of classroom visitation, and discussions with school staff.


The District shall either pay for the full cost of the approved independent evaluations or ensure that the evaluation is otherwise provided at no cost to the parent. The District has established reasonable reimbursement rates for independent evaluations which do not exceed the costs which the District would be required to pay to its own employees. The District will not pay more than the amount established by the Board of Education at its Annual Reorganization Meeting, for a comprehensive Independent Educational Evaluation that would meet the requirements of the Regulations of the Commissioner.

Such evaluation may require the following:

  •  An individual psychological evaluation;
  • A physical examination;
  • A social history; and
  • Other suitable examinations and/or evaluations, as may be necessary to ascertain the physical, mental, and emotional factors which may contribute to a suspected educational disability.

Exceptions shall be granted to this fee schedule where justified by the student’s unique circumstances, upon written approval by the District’s Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services.

Sample Fee Schedule

Service/Evaluation Type Monetary Cap
Psycho-educational Evaluation $2,300.00
Psychological Evaluation $2,000.00
Psychiatric Evaluation $3,000.00
Neuropsychological Evaluation $2,750.00*
Reading/Math Evaluation $1,000.00
Functional Behavioral Assessment $1,000.00
Assistive Technology Evaluation $1,000.00
Occupational Therapy Evaluation $500.00
Physical Therapy Evaluation $500.00
Speech and Language Therapy Evaluation $750.00

Listing of Agencies/Individuals Where Independent Evaluations May be Obtained 

Capital District Behavioral Health, PLLC

20 Century Hill Drive, Suite 202

Latham, NY 12110

Phone: 518-785-7283

Chelsea Place Psychological Services, PLLC

6 Chelsea Place, Suite 202

Clifton Park, NY 12065

Phone: 518-982-1886

Children’s Neuropsychological Services, PLLC 

834 Kenwood Avenue, Suite 3

Slingerlands, NY 12159

Phone: (518) 439-1641

Freedom First Psychological Services, PLLC

4 Avis Drive, Suite 101

Latham, NY 12110 

Phone: 518-560-4277

Psychology Wellness Practice, PLLC

139 Vly Rd

Albany, NY 12205

Phone: 518-608-4271

Advanced Therapy, PLLC

10B Madison Avenue Ext.

Albany, NY 12203

Phone: 518-867-3061

Clifford Passen, M.D. Child/Adolescent Psychiatry

Phone: 518-573-7396

Fax: 518-734-0323


Empire Neuropsychological Services, PLLC*

125 Adams Street

Delmar, NY 12054

Phone: 518-496-3903

* (cap met for elementary only)

Dr. Marie McCabe

7 Wells Street, Suite 201

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Phone: 518-894-4588

Education Law §§4404, 4404-a 

8 NYCRR §200.5(g)
34 CFR Part 300