Board of Education Policy 7510: School Health Services


All districts must provide and maintain a continuous program of health services which includes, but is not limited to:

a. Providing medical examinations and health screenings designed to determine the health status of the student;

b. Informing parents or other persons in parental relation to the student, pupils and teachers of the individual student’s health condition subject to federal and state confidentiality laws. The District will provide this notice in writing if the District becomes aware that the student has defective sight or hearing or a physical disability, including sickle cell anemia, or other condition which may require professional attention with regard to health;

c. When the parents/persons in parental relation are unable or unwilling to provide the necessary relief and treatment, providing relief in situations where the student would otherwise be deprived of the full benefit of education through inability to follow the instruction offered;

d. Guiding parents, students and teachers in procedures for preventing and correcting defects and diseases and for the general improvement of the health of students;

e. Instructing school personnel in procedures to take in case of accident or illness;

f. Maintaining a program of education to inform school personnel, parents, non-school health agencies, welfare agencies and the general public regarding school health conditions, services and factors relating to the health of students;

g. Providing inspections and supervision of the health and safety aspects of the school plant;

h. Providing health examinations before participation in strenuous physical activity and periodically throughout the season as necessary;

i. Providing health examinations necessary for the issuance of employment certificates, and student work permits; and

j. Surveying and making necessary recommendations concerning the health and safety aspects of school facilities and the provision of health information.

Education Law Article 19
8 NYCRR Part 136
Adopted December 12, 2023