Artist(s) of the Month: November 2023

The Niskayuna CSD Art Department will highlight amazing Nisky artists in new Artists of the Month (AOTM) series. Artists chosen each month embody our district’s mission to empower, persevere, innovate and connect.

Noah Smalls
7th Grade
Van Antwerp Middle School
Art Teacher: Mrs. Sela

A flyer featuring Noah Small's artwork. Noah is a 7th grader at Van Antwerp Middle School.

Student Voice: “Art is important because it helps you put your ideas on paper and it allows people to better understand what is inside your mind.” – Noah Smalls

About Noah : “Since the start of the year Noah has been a leader in the art room. When we first began the grid portrait project it was a complicated new concept, but Noah stayed positive and focused, setting an example for others to see.  Even when he came across a challenge or a mistake, he would rise to the occasion and not give up. Another fabulous trait about Noah is that he enjoys complimenting his classmates work, empowering them to feel like better artists themselves and contributing to an overall positive classroom work environment.” – Mrs. D. Sela

Renata Vysohlid
8th Grade
Van Antwerp Middle School
Art Teacher: Mrs. LaPatra

graphic with text that state niskayuna artist of the month. Renata Vysohlid 8th grade van antwerp middle school art teacher mrs. LaPatra.

Student Voice: “What I love about art class is that the things I can draw are limitless. There is no right or wrong, and I can let my mind and pen wander off without having to pay attention to the time. Expressing myself seems very easy through art, and it’s been one of my favorite hobbies since I was little.”

About Renata: “Renata is a hardworking and talented young artist who brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the art classroom. She enjoys discussing her ideas and processes with others and she always strives to do her absolute best work possible. Renata is always looking for the next challenge and she continuously innovates new concepts and techniques to her artwork to elevate it to the next level. She is truly an inspiration to our community and we are so happy to honor her as the artist of the month!” – Mrs. LaPatra