Artist(s) of the Month: December 2023

The Niskayuna CSD Art Department will highlight amazing Nisky artists in new Artists of the Month (AOTM) series. Artists chosen each month embody our district’s mission to empower, persevere, innovate and connect.

Bryan Huh
7th Grade
Iroquois Middle School
Art Teacher: Mr. Colby

Student Voice: “Do what you want. Let loose, creativity will take your wheel. But, that doesn’t mean to be careless. The quality of your work should meet your expectations and more.” – Bryan Huh

About Bryan : “Bryan consistently brings intention, thoughtfulness, and effort to his work in art class. This was our first time collaging a full figure drawing, so the prompts were wide open in terms of how or what to collage. Bryan started with a diagonally slashing watercolor base, and emphasized that movement with his collage. He successfully blended the two mediums which resulted in an engaging and dynamic artwork. Bryan’s work always displays a high level of effort, and he is exemplary in art class for his focus, discussion answers, and the quality of his work.” – Mr. Colby

Suha Shoaib
6th Grade
Iroquois Middle School
Art Teacher: Mrs. Chwazik

Student Voice: Art lets me express my feelings in a different way than talking.” -Suha Shoaib

About Suha: “Suha has been working hard in art, and her perseverance and thoughtfulness show in the quality of her own artwork as well as in how she connects with other students in the art classroom.” – Mrs. Chwazik