Family & Consumer Sciences Department

Family and Consumer Sciences helps students establish personal goals, explore careers, and develop the skills that are necessary to become confident, responsible, and self sufficient.

Home and Careers is offered for ten weeks in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. As a student progresses through middle school home and careers courses, each new course builds on the experiences of the previous year. Units of study include skills for adolescence, food preparation and nutrition, financial management, and career exploration.

About the High School FACS Program

The program is designed to meet the needs of students interested in:

1. developing the personal skills and acquiring the knowledge necessary for living independently and effectively;

2. investigating careers in food and nutrition, such as dietetics, restaurant management and food science; and

3. investigating careers in human services and family studies, such as education, social work, counseling and psychology.

FACS and the Advanced Regents Diploma

A five-unit sequence in Family and Consumer Sciences may be used toward a Regents diploma with advanced designation and those choosing this sequence may waive the foreign language requirement.

FACS and College Credit

Two courses in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department, Child Psychology I and Child Psychology II, allow students to earn college credit through the College in the High School Program in cooperation with Schenectady County Community College. This program enables students to earn college credit while completing their coursework at the high school. Students must complete Child Psychology I and Child Psychology II to be eligible. Participation in the program is optional and a discounted tuition fee is required. Enrollment in the program occurs at the beginning of the Child Psychology II course. Students should see their counselors or a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher for more information.