Educating a child is a cooperative effort involving both the home and school. Homework is assigned on a regular basis and is considered a valuable part of the instructional program. Homework is designed to extend and reinforce classroom learning, encourage personal responsibility and independence, and develop good study habits. Students, teachers, and parents all have important roles to play in homework. Homework is most effective when all three do their part.

In order to ensure a common level of understanding between the home and school, the following time commitments are being provided as general guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • Kindergarten – 10-15 minutes daily
  • First grade – 10-20 minutes daily
  • Second grade – 20-30 minutes daily
  • Third grade – 20-30 minutes daily
  • Fourth grade – 30-45 minutes daily
  • Fifth grade – 30-45 minutes daily

These are average times and may vary because of individual abilities, study habits, and special projects. Every consideration will be taken to avoid homework on weekends and during school vacations.

We strive to engage, motivate and inspire students and turn them into lifelong readers. As such, in addition to homework, reading 15-30 minutes is suggested to be part of a student’s daily routine.

Parent Homework Responsibility

  • Provide an appropriate time and place for homework
  • Make school the number one priority during the academic year
  • Model a positive attitude
  • Provide support of your child’s efforts
  • Know when to stop a child when he or she is struggling and exhausted
  • Communicate with your classroom teacher if your child is having difficulties or working longer than the time prescribed
  • Try to assist your child without doing the work for him or her

Student Homework Responsibility

  • Homework is the student’s responsibility and is a priority
  • Do your best work: be neat, accurate, thorough, and submit work on time
  • Ask questions in class if you do not understand the homework assignment
  • Plan your time and organize material
  • Use your homework folder daily

Teacher Homework Responsibility

  • Give clear concise directions and model all assignments in class
  • Assign work that meets the school’s homework policy time guidelines and is grade-level appropriate
  • Reinforce previous (not new) learning
  • Keep accurate records and provide timely feedback to students
  • Be accepting of exceptional situations when homework cannot be completed