Business Department

The Business Education curriculum has a three-fold purpose: to provide knowledge and skills as a foundation for college, to give students information helpful in carrying on personal business affairs more efficiently, and to prepare students for making informed economic decisions in life.

Business Education Curriculum

University in the High School

The Niskayuna High School Business Department has partnered with Schenectady County Community College through the University in the High School Program. This partnership enables students to earn college credit upon successfully completing any full-year business class. Students have the option of signing up for the college credit at the beginning of the school year.

Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP)

CEIP, or Career Exploration Internship Program, helps Niskayuna High School seniors understand the connections between school and careers. This program has 3 objectives: 1. To provide students with meaningful non-paid work experiences. 2. To give students an understanding of the skills and educational requirements needed for various occupations. 3. To introduce students to positive role models who will share their work experiences and professional expertise. If you would like to become a partner in this program, or would like more information, contact Mary Jane MacPherson at