Harassment Resources: Staff Members You Can Contact

We have identified staff members in each school and many departments who can serve as a resource to both students and employees on the topic of harassment.

Birchwood Elementary School

  • Debra Berndt, Principal
  • Victoria Rhodes, School Nurse
  • Marina Maxwell, Social Worker
  • Bailey Pangman, Social Worker
  • Brandon Sinisi, Psychologist

Craig Elementary School

  • Bill Anders, Principal
  • Madelyn Egan, School Nurse
  • Deborah Shepard, Social Worker/Counselor

Glencliff Elementary School

  • Shelley Baldwin-Nye, Principal
  • Holly Britton, School Nurse
  • Alexandria Lupo, Social Worker
  • Shawna Turcotte, Psychologist

Hillside Elementary School

  • Shireen Fasciglione, Principal
  • Anita Andersen, Social Worker
  • Katrina Cutting, School Nurse
  • Maggie Williams, Psychologist

Rosendale Elementary School

  • Joseph DiCaprio, Principal
  • Jessica Brennan, Social Worker
  • Julia Clark, School Nurse
  • Janell Timmany, Psychologist

Iroquois Middle School

  • Victoria Wyld, Principal
  • Michael Kovall, Asst. Principal
  • Christine Gravelle, School Nurse
  • Kate Carroll, School Counselor
  • Brian McAllister, School Counselor
  • Mary Cloutier, Psychologist

Van Antwerp Middle School

  • Luke Rakoczy, Principal
  • John Moskov, Asst. Principal
  • Alyce Malone, Social Worker
  • Meghan McCarthy, School Counselor
  • Kevin McFerran, School Counselor
  • Jennifer Rettinger, School Psychologist
  • Carol Werblin, School Nurse

Niskayuna High School

  • John Rickert, Principal
  • Eva Jones, Asst. Principal
  • Anthony Malizia, Asst. Principal
  • Nancy Bushee, School Counselor
  • Heidi Chipman, School Nurse
  • Meghan Farquharson, Social Worker
  • Allison Nunez, Social Worker
  • Janell Timmany, Psychologist


  • Lawrence Gillooley, Director of Physical Education & Athletics

Special Education

  • Elizabeth Morphy, Director of Elementary Special Education
  • Jessica Richards, Director of Secondary Special Education

Chief Equity Officer

  • Latisha J. Barnett, Title IX & Civil Rights Compliance Officer

Food Services

  • Jeffrey Bradt, Director

Operations & Maintenance

  • Anthony Lento, Director


  • Carrie Nyc-Chevrier, Director of Business and Finance

Human Resources

  • Katelin Pugliese, Human Resources Coordinator