Why explore different configuration options?

In May  2019, a consultant who worked with  the Capital Project Community Advisory Committee presented a study that includes six school configuration scenarios for the  district.

School configuration refers to the potential to change to the grade levels served by district schools. The district is interested in learning if an approach other than the current configuration would be more effective in advancing our program vision and a facilities plan that promotes health, safety and the effective and efficient use of resources. Further, the district is seeking stakeholder feedback to understand which option have community support for further consideration.

The following questions and consideration were factors in the decision to explore other options:

  • The grade-level configuration will impact the number of classrooms we need to build.
  • Are there configurations that better support collaboration and interdisciplinary work?
  • Are there configurations that make it more financially possible to re-focus on the middle-level experience, specifically? (e.g. teaming, student support, length/pace of day, accelerated options, student choice, etc.)
  • Are there configurations that allow us to better manage class size overall?
  • Are there configurations that promote sustainability (space and staffing) more than others?
  • Are there configurations that allow middle-level students to have music at their school building and not at the high school at the start of the day?