Bus purchase proposition also on May 21 ballot

Picture of Iroquois students walking alongside the school toward the main entrance with buses in the backgroundBallot information

On May 21, voters will decide on a proposition to purchase 11 vehicles at a cost of $991,066 as part of the district’s long-term replacement plan.

The plan provides stability in the cost of maintaining a bus fleet that is safe, reliable and efficient. Older buses and vehicles that cost more to maintain are taken out of service for student transportation. They are typically sold or utilized as work vehicles by the district’s Operations & Maintenance Department.

The proposal calls for the purchase of four full-size buses, two smaller buses, four mini vans and a Suburban. The smaller vehicles provide greater flexibility and efficiency, given the range of student placements for which the district provides transportation.

The annual budget impact of the bus purchases is relatively stable because the district retires debt from previous purchases as new buses come online.

State aid reimburses the district for about 60 percent of the cost of buses. While the vehicles will only be purchased if the proposition is approved, the financing costs are already accounted for in the proposed budget – and therefore would not add to the budget total.