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Important Note: If You Need a Device or Help with Technology

If you need technology support or if you do not have a device for your child to work on, please e-mail techsupport@niskyschools.org or call (518) 598-2218 so we can help.

March 25, 2020

Dear Students and Families,

This week, our team at school has been working diligently to update the learning materials and resources for students in our Google Folders for a new two-week time period, March 30-April 9. Grades K-5 added weekly calendars in their folders and teachers in grades 6-12 added Read Me First Letters to help guide students as they work. Links to folders by level are below. If parents are unable to access these resources, please contact the NCSD Office of Instruction at 518-598-2218 or by email at mdigirolamo@niskyschools.org.

Please note that these resources were updated for this period given the potential that school will be closed past the April 1 date. In the event we receive any updated information about the length of the closure, we will communicate it to our community right away.

We recognize that this is a stressful time for families as they try to manage all the responsibilities that come with the new normal, so just try to do your best. Here is what we are asking of students and parents (again, if you are able to do so given the circumstances):

( 1) Make sure that you/your child has been in contact with all of their teachers at least once before the end of this week, end of day March 27. This is the only way we know if students are engaging with the materials in the folders. You can do this via email or Google Hangout Meets. How-To technology guidance can be found here: PARENT AND STUDENT I.T. “HOW TO” RESOURCES

(2) Please look at the new materials in the folders. K-5 teachers created updated calendars and 6-12 teachers created new Read Me First Letters. Try to use these new guidance documents to help you organize your learning.

Again, just do your best. Take time to rest, move and play. And, reach out if you need help.

Teachers will start to assign one new assignment minimally per week. Students can send work to teachers to get their feedback, but as before, student work done at home cannot be graded or used for extra credit at this time.

A Foundation for New Learning

Our goal for this next period is to lay a foundation for new learning from home and more interactive virtual learning, given the possibility that the closure goes past April 1. As part of this, it’s important for everyone, teachers and students, to try to establish more of a routine, and the letters and calendars reflect that. You will start to see more use of videoconferencing for instruction and the introduction of some new learning resources. Given the many circumstances and technological access of our students, we have a responsibility to move forward methodically. We are also working with other schools in the region. This is new to all of us, and we appreciate your patience and our shared spirit of learning together.

Office Hours for All Teachers

All teachers have established office hours for a minimum of one hour daily. Details are in the K-5 calendars and 6-12 Read Me First Letters.

Special Education

We are holding CSE meetings during the closure. The Special Education Department will reach out directly to families with details. Our Special Education staff is also moving forward with outreach to families and instructional support for students with disabilities.

Here are your SHARED FOLDERS. These were created for you by your teachers.

NCSD Resources for Learning

We are thinking about you and committed to doing everything we can to support our students and families. More than ever, we appreciate your ongoing support and partnership.

The Entire Team at Niskayuna Schools