Update: Masks No Longer Required Outside on School Grounds Based on New York State Health Guidance

Dear Colleagues, Families and Community Members,

Consistent with guidance released by the New York State Department of Health on Monday, June 7, masks will no longer be required outside on school grounds, including at athletic events and during recess. This applies to all staff members, students and school visitors. Appropriate physical distancing should continue to be observed outdoors to the greatest extent possible. Students and staff members may of course continue to wear a mask outdoors if they choose.

Masks will continue to be required inside school buildings and on buses for all. Lunch and snack times as well as water breaks provide a rest from masks, with appropriate distancing indoors. During this warmer weather especially, we expect that students and staff members will be hydrating more frequently, providing additional breaks from masks. Families are asked to please remember to send your child to school with water each day.

Thank you for your attention to this information and ongoing partnership and support.