Students win top prizes in American Chemical Society illustrated poem contest

Two Niskayuna students won prizes in the American Chemical Society’s NCW Illustrated Poem Contest. The theme of the 2022 contest was “Fabulous Fibers: The Chemistry of Fabrics.” 

Simran Utturkar won first place nationally in the grade 9 to 12 category.

Drawing of girl running, tendon, chemistry set and molecule breakdown. Words on poster: Intertwined with facets of medicine, non-toxic, biodegradable fabrics win. Artificial ligaments from polyester braids, carbon fibers, bone for prosthetic legs. Drug delivery via protein fibers, semi-permeable fibers biocompatible for dialyzers. Refractive endoscopes enable optical transmission, fiber chemistry catalyzes healthcare innovations!

Rhea Utturkar won second place nationally in the grade 3 to 5 category.

Drawing of sun with flowers and butterfly, girl in green dress, spool of thread, ball of yarn with knitting needles, Christmas tree, girl sleeping in bed, Cotton makes my summers bearable, Linen is soft, strong and breathable, Tucked under wool blankets I dream, Silk makes me feel like a queen. Protein, Cellulose polymers are the reason why fibers make me feel fabulous all seasons.

Both students won first place in their respective categories in the Eastern New York Local Section of the competition to advance to the national stage. Their artwork is featured on the American Chemical Society’s website and will also appear in an upcoming issue of the Chemical and Engineering News magazine.