Sophomores Encouraged to Consider Applying to be a Student Representative to the Board

All students in 10th grade are encouraged to consider applying to be one of the Board of Education student representatives. Student representatives have the opportunity to work alongside Board of Education members as they make decisions for the school district and to make sure that the interests and perspectives of students are considered. This is a great way to represent your classmates, be part of the democratic process and and to make an impact on our school community.

The Application Process

  • Fill out the candidate application form:
  • Applications are due by Monday, May 17.
  • Candidates are required to get five teacher signatures. Teacher signatures are collected using this Google form: Send the form to the teachers and ask them to provide your name where indicated.
  • Teacher signatures are also due by Monday, May 17.
  • Interviews with candidates will take place the evening of May 24.

Serving as a Representative

The Board of Education established these non-voting representative positions six years ago to be sure the voices of students were directly involved in the work of the Board.

  • Each spring, a new representative(s) is selected from the 10th grade classes to begin a two-year term for their junior and senior year.
    This results in there always being representation from the 11th and 12th grade classes.
  • Student representatives attend each Board of Education meeting and give a report and contribute to discussions about other agenda items.
  • Student representatives meet with the Superintendent frequently.
  • Student representatives are student leaders who also have a role in regular student forum meetings and are voting members of Student Congress.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to current student representatives Selwa Khan (12th grade), Baylee Fingerhut (11th grade), or Maya Gerstenbluth (11th grade). This is a great opportunity and we hope that you consider it!