School start times: Share your thoughts!

Thoughtexchange to run from April 30 through May 10

We need your input! You are likely aware that we have formed a committee that has been exploring changes to our high school start times so that we can best support student learning and well-being. We are launching a community discussion on this topic through the Thoughtexchange platform.

As we discuss potentially making this change, we want to ensure that our plans reflect the values of our community. Your input will help the committee identify important considerations to include in their recommendations to the board, and factor into any subsequent district decision-making process.

Our question: What are some important things we need to consider as we explore potentially changing the start time/end time for our high schools?
We are excited to launch another open and interactive conversation using Thoughtexchange. You can share your ideas, see the ideas of others, and highlight what matters most to you.

Click here to participate:

All of our voices matter, so your participation is crucial and valued. The exchange will close on May 10. We are seeking feedback from faculty and staff members and high school students.

After the exchange closes, we’ll report back to the community on what we’ve learned and our next steps.

For background: The Start Times Committee has narrowed its focus to the possibility of shifting the start and end time of the high school day by the same/similar amount of time. BOCES is going to be conducting a study on the feasibility of this, which will also address how it might affect the schedule of the other levels. More background on the Start Times Committee’s work

To participate in any language other than English, you can use a Google Translate supported platform:

(1) Visit
(2) Enter “Hello” in your language of your choice (“Hola”, “Zdravo” , “你好”)
(3) Enter the 9-digit code: 336-919-003

We hope you consider adding your voice to this important process, and thank you for your time.