School Board Meeting Summary for May 23, 2017

Student Representative Reports

Students reported that the prom was a success and the new location for the after prom at ViaPort Rotterdam was very well-received. Applications for sophomores interested in serving as a student representative to the Board are due on Friday. The next Student Forum is Wednesday, May 31, at 7:30 p.m.

Administrative Tenure: Marie Digirolamo

The Board approved Marie Digirolamo, director of world language, social studies, and English as a new language, for tenure. Congratulations, Marie!

Assistant High School Principal Anthony Malizia

The Board appointed Anthony Malizia to the position of assistant high school principal. Anthony is currently a hall principal at Bethlehem Central High School. He will start in the district on July 1. Welcome to Niskayuna, Anthony!

Summer Enrichment Program

Based on student registrations, 11 courses will run through the district”s Summer Enrichment Program this year. A total of 79 students are signed up to take courses, which is consistent with recent years.

Afterschool Child Care Agreement with the JCC

The Board approved a one-year extension of the lease agreement with the Schenectady Jewish Community Center (JCC) for space in the five elementary schools to operate the Kid’s Time afterschool program. The Board also agreed that the district and JCC should work together to establish a longer-term rental agreement for the space, providing stability for the JCC and families.

Equity is Excellence Proposal

Dr. Tangorra said that based on Student Forum conversations and his work with the Environment and Culture Advisory Council, he believes the district would benefit from policy work and staff training in the area of diversity. He shared with the Board a proposal from a consultant who specializes in this. He would like to begin the work this summer with the Board at a policy level and with the Leadership Team to identify professional development needs. Based on feedback Dr. Tangorra receives, the proposal will be refined and discussed at an upcoming meeting. Niskayuna would be the first district in the area to engage in diversity work in this manner.

High School Code of Conduct

High School Assistant Principals Eva Jones and John Moskov shared a series of draft revisions to the High School Code of Conduct for 2017-18. The changes were primarily language clarifications or aligning specific sections of the document with existing practices. The Board will review and adopt the code prior to the 2017-18 school year.

Board Policy Review

The Board is reviewing policies at each meeting as it transitions to a new policy manual. Policy 7212 Response to Intervention Process and Policy 7222 Diploma or Credential Options for Students with Disabilities were adopted at the meeting.

The Board held a first read for Policy 7680 Independent Educational Evaluations and Policy 8450 Home Tutoring.

Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda was approved as presented.

Board Member Reports

Board President Rosemarie Perez Jaquith said that Mark Treanor’s retirement party was a well-deserved testament to Mark’s contributions to our schools and students. She recognized David Apkarian’s service and dedication to the Board.

Mr. Apkarian said he enjoyed his time on the Board and learned a great deal. He also wished the baseball team good luck as it plays for a sectional title on Thursday night!