VIDEO: Retiree Recognition (UPDATED: 6/17)

The Board of Education’s next meeting on Tuesday, June 15, will include a recognition of those retiring from the district this year. Watch the video below.

These individuals (listed below) have provided a collective 739 years of service to our community and students, and we thank them for all that they have done. The meeting will begin with the recognition ceremony at 6 p.m., followed by the regular agenda. It will take place in the Rosendale Library Media Center with a livestream only for the public.

Livestream Link:
Password: Nisky123

Thank you for your dedication to our students and community!

2020-21 Niskayuna Central School District Retirees

  • Elizabeth Luyckx, Birchwood 4th Grade Teacher
  • Theresa Fitzmaurice, Craig Music Teacher
  • Deborah Montana, Craig, Speech Therapist
  • Debra Robitaille, Craig, 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Jacqueline Carrese, Director of Science & Engineering Technology
  • Stephanie Venerus, Glencliff 4th Grade Teacher
  • Anita Andersen, Hillside School Counselor
  • Carol Herrington, Hillside 4th Grade Teacher
  • Kathleen Mancuso, Hillside Teaching Assistant
  • Agnes Barmash, Iroquois Clerical Assistant
  • Carol Crocker, Iroquois Teaching Assistant
  • Stephen Hanchar, Iroquiois Technology & Engineering Teacher
  • Kathryn White, Iroquois Clerical Assistant
  • Valerie Maxwell, Iroquois Special Education Teacher
  • Karyn Picker, Iroquois Teaching Assistant
  • Susan Brooks, Niskayuna High School Teaching Assistant
  • Joseph Carosella, Niskayuna High School German Teacher
  • Carol McDonald, Niskayuna High School Executive Secretary
  • Joseph Samascott, Niskayuna High School Science Teacher
  • Rose Wertman, Niskayuna High School Supervisional/Clerical Assistant
  • Janet LaMar, Niskayuna High School Special Education Department Clerical Assistant
  • Lorraine Noel, Niskayuna High School Special Education Department Executive Secretary
  • Lisa Meyer, Rosendale 4th Grade Teacher
  • Janet Young, Rosendale Teaching Assistant
  • Lorraine Martin, Bus Aide
  • Thomas Blechinger, Van Antwerp Technology & Engineering Teacher
  • Kathleen Cotugno-Surin, Van Antwerp English Teacher
  • Jacqueline Giaccone, Van Antwerp Math Teacher
  • Raymond LeBel, Van Antwerp Social Studies Teacher