Reopening Task Force Subcommittees


Monitor all available guidance (CDC, NYS, NYSPHSAA, etc.) as well as actions within Section 2 and the Suburban Council and make recommendations related to when, and how Niskayuna interscholastic activities can resume.

Chairs: Joseph DiCaprio, Elementary Principal, and Larry Gillooley, Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics

Building Supply & Equipment Needs

Based on all available guidance, establish a consistent and centralized approach for the procurement and provision of building supplies and equipment needs (e.g. PPE, signage, etc.) in the schools.

Chair: Jackie Carrese, Director of Science & Engineering Technology

Classroom Setup

Given the anticipation of social distancing requirements and avoiding the use of shared supplies, identify procedures and practices for how classrooms can and should be setup and how the issue of supplies should be approached by academic level and other considerations.

Chairs: Bill Anders, Elementary Principal, and Mike Kovall, Middle School Assistant Principal


Based on various operating conditions and status of reopening, identify when and how student clubs can be active and and in what capacity extracurricular activities can and should be held.

Chairs: Eric Hughes, Director of Music, and William Wales, Director of Mathematics

Communications & Outreach

Recommend communications approaches and actions that ensure timely and effective information sharing related to all aspects of reopening among staff, students, families and residents. Generate ideas and serve as a clearinghouse for suggestions to promote outreach and connections among all stakeholders.

Chair: Matt Leon, District Communications

Employee Procedures

Make recommendations related to health screening procedures for employees upon arrival to work, procedures for employees who are not in attendance related to COVID-19 (i.e. active case, exposure, etc.), PPE and social distancing expectations and communication.

Chairs: Debra Berndt and Shireen Fasciglione, Elementary Principals

Family & Guest Visitation Guidelines

Based upon all available public health guidance and district values and practices, recommend consistent visitor procedures for various phases of reopening.

Chair: Anthony Malizia, High School Assistant Principal

Food Distribution

Based upon outside guidance and requirements and local values, establish and implement a food distribution plan to meet the needs of students.

Chair: Jeff Bradt, Director of Food & Nutrition

Health & Safety Training

Based upon available guidance and requirements, establish and help implement a plan for necessary staff and student training related to COVID-19.

Chair: Tim Murphy, District Health & Safety Specialist

Instructional Equity

In all phases of reopening and instruction, develop protocols and policy recommendations to eliminate barriers to student success and ensure access to learning activities, course materials, and academic support.

Chair: Latisha Barnett, Chief Equity Officer

Instructional Planning, Design & Professional Learning

Provide for the content and delivery of virtual and live instruction, grading and report cards, reflection on 2019-20, and professional learning.

Chair: Marie Digirolamo, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

International Students

Ensure continued connection between the district and international students and host families, provide for the overall academic, social and emotional well-being of international students.

Chair: Eva Jones, Assistant High School Principal

Isolation Protocol/Tracing

Establish uniform health, safety and confidentiality protocols for the isolation of any member of the school community displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and appropriate tracing of individuals who had contact with those who have suspected or confirmed cases.

Chair: Luke Rakoczy, Middle School Principal

Medically Vulnerable Students & Staff

Establish plans to safeguard the health and safety of medically vulnerable students and staff through all phases of reopening and provide for the continued ability of individuals to access programs and services if they are unable to be on-site due to medical vulnerability.

Jessie Richards, Secondary Director of Special Education

O &M Disinfecting Protocols

Based on all available guidance and requirements, establish protocols that provide for cleaning and disinfecting to ensure schools can be safely occupied in accordance with a given phase of reopening.

Chair: Anthony Lento, Director of Facilities

Planning for Students with Disabilities & English Language Learners

For each phase of reopening, establish plans to ensure continuity of services, consistent with outside guidance and regulations, for students with disabilities and English language learners.

Chairs: Imran Abbasi, Director of English as a New Language, Social Studies and World Language, and Elizabeth Morphy, Director of Elementary Special Education


Based on the work and recommendations of the subcommittees and evolving state and federal guidance, make recommendations for policy changes to the Board of Education Policy Committee (e.g. Student Attendance.)

Chair: Kelly Jones, Director of Art & Design

Social & Emotional Support & Student Engagement (Includes Adult Mental Health)

Based on student and staff needs and in accordance with regional and community partners, identify practices and make recommendations that promote mental health resources and ensure social and emotional support for all is at the forefront of the reopening process.

Chair: John Moskov, Middle School Assistant Principal

School Events/ Activities Calendar

Develop recommendations for when and how various school activities can take place based on the status of reopening and establish an approach to developing and communicating the 2020-21 school calendar of events.

Chair: Jean Winkler, Director of English Language Arts

Scheduling & Student Attendance

Develop options and recommendations for on-site school attendance as well virtual learning schedules for various phases of reopening, and develop attendance policy/procedural recommendations in light of different approaches (e.g. rotational or staggered schedules based on grade level).

Chair: Vicki Wyld, Middle School Principal

Technology Deployment/ Support

Develop and share recommendations for how technology can be best utilized by various stakeholder groups through various phases of reopening and assist in plans for continued technology support for students, families, teachers and staff.

Chair: Henry “Gus” Geidel, Director of Information Technology


Provide feedback on various student transportation options and ultimately assist in recommending plans for various phases of reopening in light of anticipated social distancing needs and the potential for staggered/rotational school schedules.

Chair: Mary Mabb, Director of Transportation

Use of Building Space by Staff

Given social distancing and reducing the use of shared supplies and equipment, establish protocols for shared space (e.g. faculty workrooms, staff lunchrooms, copy rooms, restrooms, etc.) to promote health and safety, while accounting for the practical needs of employees through various phases of reopening.

Chair: John Rickert, High School Principal