Reopening Steering Committee

The role of the Reopening Steering Committee is to guide overall decision-making about reopening and formulate recommendations, based on the work of the reopening subcommittees, related to district policy making for the Governance Team.

Steering Committee Members

  • Amy Landauer-Ruder, Community Member
  • Bill Anders, Elementary Principal
  • Carol Werblin, Middle School Nurse
  • Carrie Nyc-Chevrier, Director of Business & Finance
  • Cosimo Tangorra, Superintendent
  • Eva Jones, High School Assistant Principal
  • Gus Geidel, Director of Technology
  • Heather Miller, Special Education Teacher
  • Jessica Moore, Community Member
  • Joey DiPiazza, Community Member & Community Coach
  • Kellyn Moore, Elementary Teacher
  • Kristen Ryan, High School Teacher
  • Latisha Barnett, Chief Equity Officer
  • Maggie Williams, School Psychologist
  • Marie Digirolamo, Assistant Superintendent
  • Matt Leon, Communications
  • Phil Pandori, Elementary & High School Music Teacher
  • Ron Frank, Community Member
  • Rosie Maurantonio, Elementary School Teacher
  • Student Representatives to the Board of Education (3)
  • Tim Murphy, Safety Director
  • Tony Lento, Director of Facilities
  • Vicki Wyld, Middle School Principal