Reopening Plan: Technology and Connectivity

The school district currently implements an annual Returning Student Registration Process through the Student Information System that asks all families to update information for their children. A specific question has been added to this process to determine by Student ID Number which families indicate they do not have reliable Internet access. This Returning Student Registration Process is managed annually to achieve a 100% response rate to ensure the district has accurate information for all students.

The District has procured computing devices for all students and these will be deployed in a one-to-one format. Internet access will be provided in one of two ways to families who need it. Niskayuna is working with local providers to facilitate access at no cost to students. If a local provider cannot provide this access, then an Internet Hotspot will be provided as a backup solution.   

Niskayuna School District will provide support and training videos for families, students and staff to ensure that they have the knowledge to utilize the technology they are provided.