Reopening Plan: Social Emotional Well-Being

We recognize that the social emotional well-being of our students and staff during these challenging times is critically important. The district has provided for resources and referrals to address mental health, behavioral, and emotional needs of students, faculty, and staff when school reopens for in-person instruction. This has been done through a tiered approach:

  • Tier 1: Classwide interventions – Social workers and counselors will work collaboratively with classroom teachers to implement classroom-wide interventions that will focus on mindfulness, positive behavior, positivity and stress relief. Students and families will also receive information, prior to the start of school, which will detail the makeup of the classroom, procedures, schedules, all intended to ease student anxiety.
  • Tier 2: Targeted support for individuals or groups – Students who have not responded to general classroom interventions will be referred to the school’s Student Support Team and will receive more target interventions. This could be in the form of group interventions or individual skill building.
  • Tier 3: Intense services that involve community providers as well – Students who have not responded to Tier 2 approaches will receive intense support from the school social worker and/or psychologist, counselor and could be referred to additional resources within the community.

Each school will track students using a universal tracking form that will include demographic and environmental information, and will list possible causes and track interventions.

The district has established an advisory council that involves shared decision-making and is composed of families, students, members of the board of education, school building and/or district/charter leaders, community-based service providers, teachers, certified school counselors, and other pupil personnel service providers. The advisory council will inform the comprehensive developmental school counseling program plan. This program plan has been reviewed and updated to meet current needs.

The district will provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff on how to talk with and support students during and after the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, as well as provide support for social and emotional skill development for students, faculty, and staf. One way this will be accomplished is by clinical staff training faculty and staff in their respective buildings in developing social and emotional skills as it pertains to COVID-19.  They will also work collaboratively with teachers to educate students in the same area. This will be accomplished through the previously mentioned Tier 1 approach. Faculty and staff will also receive additional training in the area of trauma. This will be accomplished through building faculty meetings.