Quarter 3 Grading Information for MS & HS

The Instructional Continuity Team has made a determination about how to handle grades for Quarter 3 for middle and high school students.

Guiding Principle

A guiding principle for this decision was to do no harm to students’ ability to earn credit and demonstrate learning of course material in these extraordinary times.

Quarter 3 Grading will be Pass or Incomplete

  • All Q3 work is due from students on May 1.
  • A grade of 64.5 or greater = Pass (P)
  • A grade of 64.4 or below will = Incomplete (INC)
  • Students will be able to change an INC to a P by redoing, revising and resubmitting their work.

If we return to school prior to the end of the year

  • Upon return to school, students will have two weeks to complete the work for the INC.
  • If students do not complete the INC in the two weeks, the INC will become an F.

If we do not return to school prior to the end of the year

  • What is the timeframe to complete the INC? If we do not return to school prior to the end of the year, the Q3 INC must be completed before the end of the school year or the student will earn an F.

Important Notes

  • Teachers will use the comments section of the Report Card to recognize student work and achievements. These comments will be available to next year’s teachers.
  • Evidence of Learning/Not Yet Learned data will help inform next year’s teachers about student learning.
  • There will be no final exams this year.
  • How Q4 and final grades will be determined is still being developed.

Regents Exemptions

In light of the extraordinary circumstances, the decisions we outlined above were made in the best interests of our students and our collective efforts to ensure their continued learning in this unprecedented time. We will continue to keep you informed as we move forward.

The NIskayuna Central School District Team