Program Delivery Study to be presented on Thursday, May 23

The findings of a Program Delivery Study that includes potential grade-level reconfiguration scenarios will be presented at a community meeting on Thursday, May 23 at 7 p.m. in the Niskayuna High School Little Theater. A presentation for faculty and staff members will take place earlier that day.

Niskayuna has experienced enrollment growth that is projected to continue.  Current school building pupil capacity falls short of the expected growth of pupil enrollment and the need for more flexible instructional space to achieve the academic program vision for the future.

In March of 2018 the Board of Education commissioned the SES Study Team, LLC to prepare a study to help the Board, staff, and the community analyze possible options to organize and deliver the Niskayuna program in the future.

The Board of Education appointed a 40-member Capital Project Community Advisory Committee to be a steering committee for the preparation of the study.  Since August 2018, the Advisory Committee has worked with the outside consultant by reviewing data and providing insights and feedback. The committee will continue its work as the study is analyzed and a long-term facilities plan is developed.

The agendas for each of the meetings of the Community Advisory Committee are on the district website.  Two key baseline studies to enable the Program Implementation Study are also on the website, an Enrollment Projection/Demographic Study and a School Building Pupil Capacity Study.  A key benchmark document for the study is a description of the Niskayuna Program Vision which is also online.

More about the study

Based on Niskayuna Central School District data, the Program Implementation Study outlines doable, quality and cost-effective program delivery options to consider for the future. This includes the potential for reconfiguring grade levels K-8, which means re-organizing the current approach of having five grades K-5 elementary schools and two grades 6-8 middle schools. A major segment of the study identifies and discusses six possible reconfiguration scenarios based on growing enrollment, the program vision, and the potential to maximize instructional opportunities and student support with district staff.

The study also addresses other aspects of program delivery, such as class size equity, a daily rotational schedule, deployment of staff, timing and location of grades 6-8 music ensemble rehearsals, as well as the financial timing of a capital project.

Community Engagement

The Program Implementation Study provides a ”roadmap” tool for the Board, staff and community to engage in a data-driven discussion about various ways the school district may want to consider or adapt to serve Niskayuna students. Over the coming months, the district plans to provide additional opportunities for community engagement prior to any decision-making related to the options suggested in the study for consideration.

The goal is to formulate a long-term facilities improvement plan for the community to consider in the fall of 2020.

The complete study is in the process of being finalized and is expected to be published for the community on Friday, May 17.

We encourage community members to attend on May 23 to learn about the findings of the study and potential program delivery options for the future.