IPAC Multiple Pathways Committee

Co-chairs: Chris Delano (Niskayuna High School teacher) and Christopher Shortt (parent)

The phrase “multiple pathways” is intended to recognize that there are many different “paths” that students can take to success in college, the workforce and life. As the world and the economy change, the Multiple Pathways Committee emphasized the importance of ensuring students have the skills and experiences in demand by employers today, are exposed to a wider variety of learning opportunities to help them make informed decisions about their futures, and are prepared to become lifelong learners.

The work of the Multiple Pathways Committee is closely aligned with the “Redefining Ready” initiative’s National College and Career Readiness Indicators.

The group’s work will inform a comprehensive K-12 School Counseling Plan due in June 2018.

Multiple Pathways Next Steps (June 2018 Report to the Board of Education)

  • Complete Life Readiness Assessment
  • Create & Execute Pathways Communication Plan to Parents and Students Prior to High School
  • Create Effort(s) to destigmatize Opportunities Outside of
    4-Year Path
  • Partner with Other Districts and/or BOCES for College Bound Bridge Program Best Practices
  • Create and Maintain Comprehensive Listing of Industry Credentials Available. Make Available to Students