Niskayuna Diversity Goals

The Niskayuna Central School District is committed to promoting the principles of inclusion and diversity as integral to the education of all students. In keeping with our district’s mission statement, our community believes in empowering each and every individual through education to better embrace socioeconomic, cultural, racial, gender, ability, ethnic, sexual and religious diversity. We are committed to developing a safe and healthy environment where each student’s self-esteem is nurtured to achieve responsible and compassionate citizenship.

Empowering each individual to make responsible choices:

  • Ensure equitable access to programs and practices
  • Develop mutual respect through sharing perspectives and experiences
  • Create a safe environment to voice opinions
  • Engage the community in supporting and building a healthy and safe learning atmosphere

Meet challenges:

  • Identify areas of diversity and how bias affects personal perspectives
  • Encourage the development of inclusive teaching and learning practices
  • Recognize, acknowledge, and respectfully coexist with various otherness in our community
  • Address bigotry and bias in order to build open-mindedness

Achieve personal success:

  • Affirm the uniqueness of each individual and embrace multiple pathways to academic success
  • Encourage individuals to be self-reflective, examine their viewpoints, and to modify assumptions when appropriate
  • Develop students’ abilities to look at issues from divergent perspectives
  • Empower a student’s integrity to acting justly, be honest in action and behave with self-discipline

Contribute to global society:

  • Create opportunities for community involvement and service
  • Develop commitment to identify and challenge inequity at various levels within our community
  • Develop a consciousness of social justice, an ethic of citizenship and a commitment to service
  • Support each other in achieving goals and objectives