NHS Program of Studies: The Transition into 9th Grade

Overview of the High School Schedule and 9th Grade Courses

High school students follow a 2-Day rotating block schedule. Courses meet every other day (A day or B day) and in most cases meet for an entire Block (78 minutes). Some classes (i.e. Science lab, AIS, gym, study hall, math lab) and lunch are scheduled for one Mod (39 minutes). Courses are scheduled into 10 Blocks over the course of two days based on students’ selections. View the high school bell schedule

When making course selections, keep in mind that students in grades 9-11 must maintain 6.5 credits per year. Making the transition into 9th grade can be challenging at times and so planning lunch and a study hall into the schedule is also highly recommended.

The following courses are required and available to 9th graders:



English 9H Drama, Underclassmen Creative Writing
Social Studies 9/9H
Integrated Algebra A or Algebra 1 or Geometry or Geometry Accelerated
Spanish, French (level determined by Proficiency Exam) German I or I/II, Latin I or I/II Additional language courses offered as electives.
Studio in Art*
Drawing  and Design for Production (DDP)* Electronics, TV Studio Production and Broadcasting, Sustainable Architecture
Midi Tech, Music Theory I, Choir, Ladies First, Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra and audition ensembles Audition ensembles (i.e. Concert Chorale, Bel Canto Voices, Studio Singers, Symphonic Band, Stage Band, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra Winds, Chamber Strings
Business/Family Consumer Sciences, Career and Financial Management I, II, Computer Essentials, Beginning Culinary Arts, Intermediate Culinary Arts, Child Psychology I
*Although only 1 credit is required in art and music for graduation, these courses are necessary as foundation courses in grades 10-12.