NHS Program of Studies: College Credit Opportunities

In addition to the Advanced Placement courses listed on page 7 that may result in college credit for students, Niskayuna High School has formed partnerships with a variety of institutions of higher education that provide students the opportunity to graduate from high school with college credit for courses taught at Niskayuna High School. Surveys from the College in the High School Program of Schenectady Community College indicate that students who enter a college or university with credits earned often are able to add a major, have lighter course loads and more flexibility with their scheduling as a result of earning credits in advance. The partnerships and applicable courses are listed on this page. Please note that there is a credit hour fee associated with obtaining college credits for each of the courses outlined below. Information about 2017-18 fees is provided as a reference. Registration information is typically provided to parents and students at the beginning of each course. Please see the course descriptions in this publication for any additional details including final exams and other requirements for credit. If you have questions, please contact the department director.

Schenectady County Community College College in the High School Program

  • Business Organization and Management (3 credits)
  • Business Law (3 credits)
  • Accounting I (3 credits)
  • Marketing (3 credits)
  • Forms of Writing (3 credits)
  • Professional and Technical Writing (3 credits)
  • Child Psychology I & Child Psychology II (3 credits upon completion of both courses.)
  • French V PR (3 credits)
  • Spanish V PR (3 credits)
  • French V H (3 credits)
  • Spanish V H (3 credits)
  • AP Biology (8 credits)
  • AP Chemistry (8 credits)
  • AP Physics (8 credits)
  • Nanoscale Science & Engineering (3 credits)

The College in the High School tuition amount for 2018-19 is $58 per credit, or $174 for a 3-credit course.

Rochester Institute of Technology Project Lead the Way Courses

  • Design & Drawing for Production (3 credits)
  • Digital Electronics (3 credits)
  • Principles of Engineering (3 credits)
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3 credits)
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture (3 credits)

For students obtaining college credits, the tuition fee is $225 per 3-credit course.

Syracuse University Project Advance

  • SUPA English 12 (6 credits)

For students obtaining the college credits, the 2019-20 tuition fee will be $690 for the 6 credits.

University at Albany – State University of New York University in the High School Program

  • Environmental Science (3 credits)
  • Latin IV H (3 credits)
  • Latin V H (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Political Science Honors (3 credits)

For students obtaining the college credits, the 2018-19 tuition fee is $160 for the 3 credits.