NHS 2021-22 Program of Studies: Introduction

The Niskayuna High School Program of Studies is provided for students and parents as a guide to educational planning. It should be read carefully as the choices available each year are considered. To make the most of the many opportunities available at Niskayuna High School, a student must plan thoughtfully. Teachers, department leaders, and school counselors are available to provide any assistance needed as a student and parent select courses and plan a program. The most important decision-maker in the process, however, is the student. The most important quality brought to the task of making choices is honest self-appraisal.

We are here to explain as clearly as we can what the requirements are for any course of action a student decides to pursue and to help students evaluate their interests and abilities as they plan for the present and the future. The ultimate responsibility for choice, however, rests with the individual student and parent. All should seek as much information as they need in making their plans. Students are scheduled to meet with their counselors to develop a program for each academic year.

In addition to the courses that are offered in the academic program, there are many opportunities for participation in activities outside of the program. The process of self-realization may be achieved as readily through membership in a club activity or interscholastic sport as it is in the classroom. The discovery and development of personal interests and the satisfaction of a wholesome social experience are as much a part of a student’s education as are the academic requirements that must be met. An individual should pursue activities that enhance knowledge of self and contribute to the life of the entire school.

This Program of Studies has been prepared in an effort to assist students as they strive for success in high school. We hope to enable students to maximize the experience to develop their talents through both the academic and extracurricular program.