Driver Education

Driver Education teaches safe driving skills by providing students hands-on practice operating a dual-control vehicle. Students also learn knowledge of traffic laws, and receive car maintenance tips. Students may elect to take the course in the fall, spring, or summer. When enrollment exceeds capacity, birth dates are used to select students to allow for an equitable selection process. Students will be notified in advance about dates and times for registration. A New York State learner’s permit must be obtained prior to the first driving session.

The course is offered after school hours and during the summer as part of the Summer School Program. Both programs meet the requirements of the New York State Motor Vehicle Bureau and are organized so they are taught by special arrangement with individual instructors who meet with students for classroom instruction and opportunities to drive an automobile. Students will be given the opportunity to register for Driver Education prior to the beginning of each session.

Recent changes in license requirements require that new drivers in New York get issued graduated licenses. Full driving privileges are not afforded until a driver has reached the age of 18. With the successful completion of Driver’s Education a new driver can get his or her unrestricted license at age 17. This helps explain the popularity of this course. Some insurance companies offer substantial discounts for students who complete this course. Our goal goes beyond preparing students to pass the driving test. We view that standard as a minimum standard. Our goal is that we produce prepared and informed drivers who, through our program, get exposed to a variety of driving situations. Our program offers significant experience to help prepare the new driver.

We have arranged to have students take the written permit test here at the high school at no charge. Many students take advantage of this service which allows them to avoid the hassle of taking the test at a local Department of Motor Vehicles.