Meals Will be Available for Remote Learners and Grade 7-12 Hybrid Students on Wednesdays at NHS

School meals for each week day will continue to be available for all students this year, including those whose learning is entirely remote and those in grades 7-12 who are in school on alternating days.

Similar to the school closure in the spring, students will receive items for breakfast and lunches once per week at Niskayuna High School. This distribution will take place on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.,  beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Students in grades K-12 who are in an all-remote format will receive items for five breakfasts and lunches on Wednesdays. Students who are in the hybrid model in grades 7-12 will receive items for the number of days that they will be home in the next week, as they will receive meals in school on the days they are there in-person.

This will take place in the same location at NHS as it did in the spring, Door #43. Use the Nott Street Entrance, make a left at the stop sign and look for the sign for Door #43.