Schedule of Instructional Make Up Days for 2020-21

As we have shared in email messages to families, as the result of New York State instructional day requirements and emergency closures related to weather and other factors this year, we do no need to schedule some instructional make up days.  The make up days vary by grade level and school (see below).

There are two reasons for this: The number of scheduled instructional days that we started the year with were different at some grade levels and some closures impacted some schools differently (e.g. the unexpected closure at Craig in December and the October power/network outage that lasted an additional day at Rosendale and Iroquois).

Make up days are determined by the order set forth in the adopted calendar for this year: We start with June 24 and June 25 for grades K-8 and then move to the end of the April Recess and work our way toward the beginning of the week (i.e. Friday, April 9, Thursday, April 8, etc.). The high school does not have any need for make-up days at this point.

2020-21 Instructional Make Up Days

Thursday, April 8

  • Craig and Rosendale – Kindergarten

Friday, April 9

  • Hillside – Kindergarten
  • Birchwood & Glencliff – Kindergarten and Grade 5 (Grade 5 at Iroquois)
  • Craig – Kindergarten through Grade 4
  • Rosendale – Kindergarten through Grade 5 (Grade 5 at Iroquois)
  • Virtual Academy Kindergarten
  • Iroquois Grades 6-8

Thursday and Friday, June 24 and 25

  • All Students Grades K-8 – including Virtual Academy