June 2019 local and Regents exam schedules

As the end of the year approaches, we want to share the schedule for both local and Regents exams with you, as well as a few important reminders about testing days. The exam schedules can be viewed/downloaded here.

Local exams and Regents review sessions will take place June 13, 14 and 17. All students should report to school on these days and attend classes according to the schedule noted below. Regents exams will take place on June 18-21 and the 24 & 25.

Important Reminders

Students taking Regents exams should arrive 15 minutes early and report directly to the exam location. Cell phones are not allowed in Regents Exam locations. If students have time between exams, and need a place to study, they can go to the library, the cafeteria, or work with a teacher. They should not be in unsupervised areas.

Transportation will be available during exam days for the morning run, a mid-day and end-of-day run. Students needing mid-day transportation should contact the Transportation Department at (518) 370-0160 to ensure a pick-up.​