January 22-25, 2018 Exam Schedule

Students should arrive at the exam location 15 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin.  Students will not be allowed to take any personal belongings other than what is needed to take the test into the testing room. Cell phones are not allowed in the testing room for Regents exams.  Busing will be available each morning, and also at 11:30 a.m. and at 3 p.m. , to provide transportation to and from exams. Students needing transportation should contact the bus garage directly to request transportation.

Monday, Jan. 22

  • English Regents, 8 a.m., C446/C448
  • Mythology and Star Wars, 8 a.m., C253
  • Music Theory I and II, 8 a.m., F129
  • Computer Essentials (Block 2A), 8 a.m., D310
  • Biology Regents, Noon, E283
  • Journalism, Noon, D105
  • Economics, Noon, C446/C448
  • Shakespeare, 12:30 p.m., Little Theater
  • Computer Science I (Block 2), Noon, D111

Tuesday, Jan. 23

  • US History Regents, 8 a.m., C446/C448
  • Computer Science I (Block 10), 8 a.m., D111
  • Computer Essentials (Block 1B), 8 a.m., D310
  • Geometry Regents, 8 a.m., D306
  • Alg. I Regents, Noon, See math teacher for location
  • Computer Science I, Noon, D111

Wednesday, Jan. 24

  • Global History Regents, 8 a.m., C446/C448
  • Physics Regents, 8 a.m., E283
  • World Lang. Check Point B, 8 a.m., G295
  • CFM I, 8 a.m., C244/C246
  • Algebra II CC Regents, Noon, F310

Thursday, Jan. 25

  • Earth Science Regents, 8 a.m., E283
  • Chemistry Regents, 8 a.m., E283