Instructional Program Advisory Council- Oct. 4, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Welcome and Agenda Review

General Announcements and Updates:

Scheduled IPAC Meetings (Oct 4, Jan 15, March 12, June 3) 6:30-8:30PM in Board Room

Strategic Plan Updates

BOE, Superintendent Tangorra and Ron Frank have developed a 3 pillar strategic plan for the district. Dr. Tangorra’s goals are aligned to this strategic plan. A program vision developed by the leadership team was shared (handout to be uploaded in drive). This district has been a high quality district from the start (1954) and it is this tradition that we can to preserve. District enrollment stats were shared and the number of students living in poverty (14%), 23 native languages are spoken by our families, and we are becoming more diverse. Enrollment overall is growing district-wide and revenue challenges were shared. There are more employment opportunities for people in the local areas and 62.5% of the local workforce is in management, science, etc. What does all of this mean? A further look at our programs and facilities- how are we preparing our students for the workforce and beyond? Do we have the right facilities and program to address these challenges and needs?

Status of Capital Project Community Advisory Committee

Committee of over 40 residents has met. Fall 2020 is the aim for a capital project vote and a timeline for development of facility/program needs was shared.

Superintendent Goals

Dr. Tangorra has shared his goals which can be found on the district website. These goals include specifics related to facilities planning (Capital Project), curriculum and programs (IPAC), environment and culture (ECAC), Operations (IT, HR, Business Office. A discussion of metrics for measurement of these goals was discussed.

Homework Policy recommended to the Board (not yet)

K-5 scope of homework concerns in regards to: communication, time and duration, types of homework by grade level and school. Lauren and Cosimo are working on a draft of policy/procedure regarding communication, time and duration for homework with teacher/leadership feedback.

Sub-Committee Report Outs


Ron and Jess have been working with a rep from LifeTrack services and high school administration to implement a tool that will collect data for high school seniors and graduates regarding preparation for college/career. Currently some of this data can be exported from Naviance but this may be a more comprehensive tool for the future.

Start Times

Following up concerns were shared: school day format (block scheduling), transportation (cost, ride times), music program (ensembles meet before school), HS/MS athletics (specifically fall sports), regional partners/programs. Enrollment in committee has shifted and are seeking a co-chair, reps from athletics, music, BOCES, and student groups. Goals/Timelines: Identify 3-5 possible options for NHS schedule in consultation with music, athletics, BOCES, transportation (Nov/Dec 2018), regional partner meetings, evaluate options in consultation with stakeholders (Dec-Mar), present to district leadership and BOE (May-June 2019). Plan to implement in Fall 2020? Discussion regarding community buy-in and communication- share articles regarding research around start-times for high schoolers.

Pathways (Redefining Ready)

Chris re-shared the presentation that occurred at the BOE meeting last June as well as the Pathways mission statement (as their compass). There is a national program called Redefining Readiness that has created benchmarks/indicators and the committee was interested in the college and career readiness indicators. Membership has decreased and the co-chairs expressed a need for growing the committee from their 4 active members (students and faculty). Chris also shared that they need assistance with partnering with other district and BOCES and for pursuing more industry credential programs/accreditations. Pathways work will continue to inform programming needs/implementation. Camille Harrelson shared that she will be developing a comprehensive counseling plan that will be shared with IPAC later this year as part of the work that IPAC (Pathways specifically) has been doing.


Last year we did a lot of work regarding research and recommendation. Ron offers that we utilize these meetings as working towards implementation (SMART objectives) and providing feedback for furthering our efforts.

Membership: Ron and Jess will be working with sub-committee chairs to solidify members of IPAC for this year.

Next meeting: January 15, 2019 (6:30 BOE room)