Help shape the future of our schools: Advisory Councils invite community participation

Seven subcommittees focused on priority areas

Dear Niskayuna School Community:

I am writing to invite you to participate in the process of shaping the future of education for the children of our district alongside fellow community members and colleagues.

You may be aware that our district strategic plan calls for advancing our academic programs and ensuring that school is a safe and welcoming place for all. We are now seeking members for recently established subcommittees charged with making recommendations in specific areas.

The subcommittees are focused on: enrollment and capacity; homework; pathways to college and careers; school start times; diversity; mental health and wellness; and activities/events related to school culture.

The co-chairs of each subcommittee are listed at the end of this letter. Please contact the co-chair of the respective committee if you would like to get involved. You may also reach out to my office. We ask you to indicate your interest as soon as possible, as the teams are beginning to make plans for their work.

The subcommittees were established by the Instructional Program Advisory Council (IPAC) and Environment and Culture Advisory Council (ECAC), which are made up of parents, community members, faculty and staff, and students.

They are seeking individuals who will bring an open mind to the work and are ready to engage in a deliberative and inclusive process to reach conclusions that will meet the needs of our community and students.

Niskayuna has been at the forefront of education for many decades because of efforts just like this – neighbors working together to build a shared vision for the future. I hope you’ll consider participating.


Cosimo Tangorra, Jr., Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Instructional Program Advisory Council Subcommittees

IPAC Co-Chairs: Ron Frank ( and Jessica Moore (

Enrollment Study and School Configuration: Co-chairs Michelle Houghtaling ( and Mark Weintraub (

Homework: Co-chairs Jacquie Gallo ( and Shelley Baldwin-Nye (

Pathways to Success (College, Career & Civic Readiness): Co-chairs Christopher Shortt ( and Christopher Delano (

School Start Times: Co-chairs Deanna Bouton ( and TBD

Environment and Culture Advisory Council Subcommittees

ECAC Co-Chairs Matthew Cutler ( and Vicki Wyld (

Diversity: Co-chairs Neysha Johnson-Byrd ( and Alyssa Zelkowitz (

Mental Health and Wellness: Co-chairs Eva Jones ( and Jeanne Sosnow (

Events/Activities: Co-chairs Samhita Koduri ( and Humera Khan (