Health and safety facilities improvements to take place across the district this summer

A series of health and safety projects, approved by voters in December 2016,  will continue across the district this summer.

The projects vary by school, and include electrical panel replacements at most buildings, two kitchen hood fire suppression systems, hot water heater replacements at three schools, some masonry repairs, roof replacements at Birchwood and Craig, and renovations to the pool filter room at Niskayuna High School. A full list of projects by school is below, along with any impacts on public access to the buildings.

In most cases, there will be little disruption to public access to school offices. The district worked with its construction manager and architects to structure the work so that there is minimal impact on scheduled summer activities and programs in the school.

There may be intermittent power service outages as electrical panels are replaced in seven schools (all but the high school). These will likely be brief, a day or less, and unlikely to substantially impact building access or operations.

This summer’s projects represent the bulk of the work that is part of the $5.6 million capital project approved by voters in December 2016. This was designed to address some priority health and safety items identified in the Building Condition Survey completed prior to the vote, and represents a first phase of a long-term capital improvement plan.

The district is in the initial planning phases for a subsequent phase that will address outstanding items from the Building Condition Survey, and align facilities improvements with the direction of academic programs and the district’s strategic vision.

Summer 2018 Facilities Projects by School

Birchwood Elementary School

The Birchwood roof will be replaced and electrical panels will be replaced. Roofing work is expected to begin the week of June 25 and complete in time for the return of staff members in August. The playground will be open during construction, but the nature trails on the property will be closed.

Craig Elementary School

The Craig roof will be replaced, along with the hot water heater, electrical panels and the gym and cafeteria doors. Vinyl asbestos tile in the front corridor and the other corridor that runs past the gym to the cafeteria will be replaced.

The school building will be closed from the end of this school year through the end of July for the tile work. The roofing work will begin the week of June 25 and will be complete in time for the return of staff members in August. The playground will be open the entire summer.

Glencliff Elementary School

Select electrical panels will be replaced at Glencliff this summer, which will have minimal impact on access to the building.

Hillside Elementary School

The work at Hillside includes a hot water heater replacement and the replacement of select electrical panels. There will be continuous cold water service at the school for the town recreation program.

Rosendale Elementary School

Masonry repairs in some sections of the exterior wall will take place at Rosendale, along with the installation of a new kitchen hood fire suppression system and the replacement of select electrical panels. The work has been timed to have little impact on summer programs at Rosendale.

Iroquois Middle School

Work at Iroquois includes a hot water heater replacement, the installation of a kitchen hood fire suppression system, the replacement of select electrical panels, and a new main electrical service switch and distribution panel. The school will lose power for approximately a week when the new service switch and distribution panel are installed, but otherwise building access should not be affected by this summer’s work.

Van Antwerp Middle School

At Van Antwerp, select electrical panels will be replaced, some stone window headers and sills will be replaced and select window balances will be repaired.

Niskayuna High School

At Niskayuna High School, the existing elevator cab will be inspected during the summer and refurbished during September and October.  Although this will take the elevator out-of-service for a period of time, there is a second elevator in the building to provide access to other levels when needed.

Renovations in the pool filter room will include the replacement of the metal roofing deck and ventilation and electrical work. As a result, the pool will be closed from June 8 through mid-August. The district has structured the construction schedule to allow for the reopening of the pool for the interscholastic swim/dive season, which begins in mid-August.